We offer full service qualitative research packages for a range of research questions and client budgets. We regularly work with award-winning research agencies and independents to enhance their research teams on a wide range of UK and International projects. Whether you’re a brand looking for help with understanding consumers or a research agency looking for extra resource to collaborate with your team, we’d love to hear from you.

We work across a variety of face-to-face and online methodologies including focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnography, workshops and social media analysis. And all with a unique flourish…

Food and Drink: We are food and drink enthusiasts and love we love working on NPD, product and pack, branding and comms development through accompanied cooking and shopping sessions and food workshops as well as groups and depths.

Health and Wellbeing: We love working with brands on products and services that really help people to thrive: whether in their physical, emotional or mental health. 

Sustainability: We regularly work on sustainable topics from innovative products through to consumer attitudes towards ethical issues and the climate emergency.

Museums and Galleries: Passionate about the cultural sector, we often work on gallery and exhibition evaluations, visitor research, comms testing and understanding perceptions of art, history and science.

Charities: We love helping charities to evaluate their social impact, to better understand their members and supporters and to develop new fundraising products and campaigns.

Children and Families: We are highly experienced in facilitating sessions with children, young people and families across a wide range of topics and sectors: from publishing to pets.